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Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2004
If you go to Po Bronson’s website and scroll midway down the page….that letter he has a picture of…well that’s the letter my mother left for me after midnight in April of 1991…I haven’t really talked to her since save for a few scrambled sentences about my then car. Yes he took a picture of it at my home. Yes….I knew all about it. But being featured in his new novel and seeing it there on that page…it’s an impact feeling I have. But for the first time in my life I feel strong for it, I feel as though I have moved beyond it and for that….I can only thank Mr. Bronson. His book is going to be amaaazing if that page is any indicator.

Furthermore...I didn't get paid to be a part of his book. I chose to do it simply and purely to honor my deceased father's memory. My story he will feature is about forgiveness....


Back in April of this year I wrote about meeting him here..
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