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Thursday, Jul. 08, 2004
Everyone that knows me knows I have a favorite Internet little girl. (http://cassiopeia-.diaryland.com) C’mon who can’t love her to death and hug her for hours..even if they are virtual hugs? Well…the secret’s out. I’ve had a favorite Internet little boy for 2 years now too. (www.xanga.com/mybaby) Cameron is the cutest and his Daddy shares all his funny stories with me. I laugh at these two little kids more than anyone can imagine. They are cute beyond words…..CUTE as in CUTE!!! So……

Forget all my stupid other entries today...this one is BIG news...

Help me welcome a new *drum roll please*.... xanga baby

and go by all means and congratulate his awesome and very happy daddy at www.xanga.com/luthien

Everyone that knows me knows I wish I was 32 years younger so I could grow up again and Cam would be an eligible bachelor while I was a youthful beauty queen.  teehee....seriously how damn cute is this???  Still little Cameron with his littler baby brother....

Ethan Matthew Mustizer

July 7th, 2004  3:26 am

9 lbs 6 oz

Remember...go congratulate their very tired Daddy.. www.xanga.com/luthien


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