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Tuesday, Oct. 05, 2004
Today I discovered that it is far more feasible to release tons of doves vs a few dozen butterflies. Co-cubicle Chad called the Butterfly place and ended up on the phone for a half hour. He said the butterfly guy was well versed. However I myself talked to the dove guy and he was also full of birdly knowledge.

I just know..beach…R…Bucky in a Tux (doesn’t that sound like an ice cream flavor???) and moi in a sleek white dress….. Speaking of dresses…good lordie the sizing is confusing! I might just have to make a trip back up to PA and let my Aunt do some altering. :-)

I really like the corset tie on the back of this dress….

and the front…

I just picture R in a tux and it makes me want to cry buckets of maple syrup.
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