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Monday, Dec. 18, 2006
Remember how I just got a new laptop? Uh…yah…well it was about 92 days old or something. I put it down on the coffee table to go make love to the husband (hey my diary is nothing if not truthful….!!) and when I came back it was on the floor. I suspect that Chloe was running about the joint in a frenzy because she does that when we make love. She runs rampant like she can’t stand it or like she’s jealous or like she is a malcontent of some sort. Weird. Either way I came back later to find it on the floor. But it had already been turned off so I picked it up and set it down on the side table.

The next day I never turned the laptop on because I’m not an online student right now. I’m a dreaded on ground Math taking student. But yesterday I attempted to turn it on and half the screen is gone. Meaning it’s blacked out right down the center and to the right. The other half is perfectly ok, which is really goofy. I’m grateful that I can salvage my pictures, files and music and e-books because the laptop itself is fine and when you hook it up to a regular monitor you can access everything and I can burn it all to CD, etc. Whew. Also I don’t have much on there in only 90 days.

But then I looked at Bestbuy.com on my husband’s pc and found that they were selling a nice Toshiba laptop for $400. Cheap! So I ran there. The guy told me that he had one left. So I agree to buy it. He sells me a few other accessories and then we get to the register and he tells me “Oh I don’t have it..this is the wrong model.” Then he proceeds to try to sell me a $700 laptop. Say what? That’s nearly twice the price. So I shifted myself into bitch mode and took a gooney fit. The guy freaked out and went and got someone else. That someone else got snooty with me and said, “What do you want me to do…give you a free laptop?...he made an honest mistake!” To which I replied, “Well I didn’t come in here asking for a hand out, I came in for your advertised laptop and was told you had it, then I was sold some other items for that item as though you REALLY HAD that item. And where I work if I tell someone that tuition is a certain amount and I end up having made a honest mistake I have to honor that amount that came out of my mistaken mouth.” He was flabbergasted within two minutes of my discussion and asked me if I wanted to talk to the store manager…to which I said, “I’d like to talk to someone smarter than you, is he smarter than you?” He went to get him. (ha! I guess that was a yes answer!)

The store manager guy shows up…we have the same dumb conversation about mistakes and being misled and the “customer is always right” and he called around to see if any other stores might have the $400 Toshiba. No go. :-( So then he tries to sell me the $700 laptop. To which I say “I came in here to buy a $400 laptop, your guy said he had it….then he doesn’t have it and you want to now get another $300 from me??” So we finally came to the agreement that he would sell me a $700 Gateway (similar only better than my 90 day old cracked up one and the next lowest priced one they have) for $500 and out the door I go.

Ok ok so I paid $100 more than I wanted to but I got a much better computer with lots more features than even the one I bought 90 days ago, the screen is one inch bigger (and we all know that even one inch makes a big difference…) It was a combo of Rick’s poker winnings, my Christmas money and some savings. Rick gave me $200 towards getting a new one. (The boy can play Texas No Hold’em like a pro!)

The only bad news in all of this is I am still paying for the broken one. But that’s ok because that creditor is hugely understanding about my slow payment terms. Ha! “Him” will just have to be patient with me.

The other thing that came out of all of this …I’m going to finally buy myself a desk because this is insane. I bought a new laptop 90 days ago…and bought another one yesterday because I simply do not have a desk and my laptop is always laying around the living room where it’s precariously in danger of the mighty dog.

Chloe said she was sorry…so she’s been forgiven. :-)

I also have the best husband ever…..he told me he could help me with $150 and then gave me $200. His generosity always amazes me. The boy bought me a $400 Christmas gift early….then shells out $200 for this issue….and because I have a child to buy for…he’s getting from me….a new pair of pants. Seriously…how sad is that? $600 for me….$20.99 for him. *sigh*

I did do his laundry last night…he was grinning from ear to ear.

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