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Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2004
I was asked for a list of books I currently want most….they would be as follows:

P: A Novel by Andrew Lewis Conn,/b> (because I read good reviews about it)
Milk Treading – Nick Smith (because 3 people have told me I have to read it)
Kelly&Victor by Niall Griffiths (because I read one of his other novels and loved it)
Diary of an Emotional Idiot –Maggie Estep (this is poetry and I have one of her spoken word poetry CD’s that I totally love to listen to in the dark)

The Forensic Casebook: The Science of Crime Scene Investigation by Ngaire E. Genge (because I LOVE LOVE LOVE forensic science, I shoulda went to college for it, I adore it, I have a higher than average interest in it…yah I know..I bet YOU didn’t know that)

Bump – Diana Wagman (because I read another book she wrote about a girl who dressed up in blue all the time and sat with a stranger who just wanted to talk to her, he paid her to dress this way and speak to her, the whole book was the conversations they had but it was great stuff)

Once in a House on Fire – Andrea Ashworth (because of good reviews I read) Revolutionary Road – Richard Yates (everyone in the literate world recommends this and I figure I should read it and be in the know)

Surviving the Moment of Impact – T. Cole Rachel (recommended by my author pal Tod Goldberg)

In the Shadow of the Strip – Richard Logsdon (another T. Goldberg recommendation) Beemer – Glen Gaslin (yet another T. Goldberg recommendation…everything I ever read that he recommends totally rocks)
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