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Sunday, Sept. 22, 2002
first my name….

Kinetic Robotic Individual Skilled in Troubleshooting and Yardwork
then my pen name....

Positronic Obedient Entity Trained for Intensive Calculation and Accurate Learning
then out of shear boredom my kids nickname…

Biomechanical Unit Calibrated for Killing and Yardwork
then like always everyone else’s name….i couldn’t enter ‘t’ so I did his last name…this was scary because for him, it’s true

Positronic Artificial Technician Responsible for Infiltration and Ceaseless Killing
then because its Sunday afternoon and I’m bored and stuff….

Hydraulic Upgraded Soldier Built for Assassination and Nocturnal Destruction
even sicker yet….

Worker Intended for Fighting and Exploration
and finally because we all do this stupidity…….

Functional Unit Calibrated for Killing
yeah Sunday afternoons are boring….
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