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Sunday, Oct. 27, 2002
t’s doing well, he’s about to listen to the Detroit Lions lose soon…

me: so how are ya?
“t”: good
me: just good? I was hoping for outstanding
“t”: well, the game has not started yet
me: game?
me: ohhh kewl you get to watch football?
“t”: I listen to it on the internet
me: ohhhhhhhh i see
me: who are you gonna listen to?
“t”: come on...
“t”: there is only one team to listen to
me: hmmm
me: and that team is?
“t”: OMG
“t”: :o)
me: c'mon just answer me
“t”: The Lions...who else is there?:-/
me: i don't watch football.... i watch other stuff
“t”: like...
me: ha
“t”: football :-/
me: nope
me: if I cheer for anyone in footballs its not the Lions
me: i dont' even know where the Lions are from
me: i'd have to go hunt that info down
“t”: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!
me: ha
“t”: OMG
me: OMG nothing
me: why would I cheer for the Lions?
“t”: <----is not going to say anything
“t”: becasue they are the LIONS!
me: ok
me: detroit
“t”: of course...
“t”: The Lions are an American tradition
me: ok so “t”'s rooting for his home team
“t”: nope...for the only team :D
me: lol
me: ok
me: <----didn't even know there were detroit lions
“t”: hmpft
me: sowwy
me: i'm not from detroit
“t”: neither am i
me: i'd have to root for a different team
me: you're from michigan though
“t”: why would you have to root for a different team...
me: some small town in michigan
me: well my home team is not the lions
“t”: there are only two teams....
“t”: the lions and the other one
me: the other one?
me: lol
“t”: :0)
me: who's that?
me: ohhhhh I get it
“t”: doesn't matter
me: that should be "the lions and the losers"
“t”: you obviously dont know the Lions then
me: haaaaaaaaa
me: now thats funny
“t”: hey, they have won 2 games this year!
“t”: that is as many as they won all of last year
me: by default and because of where I'm from I woud root for the steelers, but I never watch them so I never root for them
me: and my son is a cowboys fan just cause he was born in dallas, but he never watches football either....soo....
me: today we can root for the lions
“t”: Cowboys are getting beat next week


“t”: ok...brb phone
“t”: back
“t”: for about 15 minutes
me: yeah i already knew that
me: its a given
me: the clock is ticking away the minute you say hello
“t”: then it is KICKOFF time!
me: ohhhh well that's kewl
“t”: right..you hate football now?
me: lol
me: no
me: why would i hate something that gives you pleasure?
me: that makes NO sense
“t”: :-)
“t”: how can it be pleasure...
me: if i was around you i'd bring you some beer and chips and leave you be
“t”: do you know how many years I have been watching detroit lose games?
me: there'd only be one rule
me: lots of years....i'm sure
“t”: half time nookie?
me: yeahhh
me: how'd you know? lol
“t”: *shrugs*
me: then after halftime i'd leave the house
“t”: whys that?
me: let ya watch in peace
“t”: there are also timeouts
me: the last half of footballs games are irritating
me: time outs blah blah blah
“t”: exciting
me: lol
me: yeah so I wouldn't ruin the game for ya
“t”: depends on what you were doing
“t”: now see what you have done...
. me: i didn't do anything
“t”: now I am going to have to go take care of something before the game
me: aww poor baby
me: i feel for ya
“t”: so now that I have some material...is that a hint that I should go take care of that rising problem?
“t”: :-)
me: lol
me: nah just figured it's been awhile..since you got any pictures
me: i got my hair cut since the 13th
me: but ...*shrugs*
me: face is the same ugly one
“t”: whatever...sexy
me: my hair was in my eyes.... had to get it cut
“t”: that is ok...you are still beautiful
“t”: brb..phone
“t”: I have to get going...
“t”: one of the switches is having issues
“t”: bye for now
me: hey
me: you could wait for me to say bye
me: :-(

What a shit way to end a conversation…. Mostly I like “t”, mostly I wonder if he’s not just sometimes bored in Afghanistan. Mostly I don’t talk to him enough to know most of what I wonder about. So I don’t know why I assume he’s bored, when he’s mostly never around because he’s busy. Mostly its just text and nothing substantial that I can depend upon. Words, words are amazing, the power that they hold. I think he’s a nice guy fighting a war. I have no words for what I think and feel about it all.

I really am tired of having the majority of my conversations in life take place in text or over the phone lines. It’s growing thin. Fast.


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