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Saturday, Oct. 26, 2002
For a long time … I’ve been wanting something. I talked about it here where I said “All I want is a Snoopy suitcase. I think if I had one I could go somewhere happy with my happy stuff. I can’t find a snoopy suitcase.”

I have also mentioned it here. and even here!


I am the proud new owner of….

This stylin' 1965 Peanuts brand case is in excellent, hardly used condition. It comes with two keys and stands 11" tall and is 17" wide. No tears or holes.

….and now here’s the important thing….the ominous thing…the thing that makes my insides twirl around and spit out fireflies full of glee… Now..

I can go somewhere ‘happy’ with my ‘happy’ stuff!


:special thanks to my friend who will now endure a snoopy suitcase in his purchase history for life for me.
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