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Saturday, Jan. 08, 2005
I really hate women that suck everything they need, want etc from life..from some poor unsuspecting guy in their life. Sad really. It’s almost as though they think “HE” doesn’t want a partner that can and will contribute to the finances in the relationship. Sure sure I’m all for stay at home mom’s. I’m just not about the ones that do nothing and complain about everything and say they are doing it only because “they can.”, never mentioning a word about much else.

I mean really, get up and make your man some dinner, and keep your house clean, if that’s ALL you’re going to do. I would. Hell… I did!

And for those that tell me I’m too old to be in college…think again. Over 80% of today’s students are working individuals who are on the fast track to having a career and an education all at the same time. Try getting a job without a job history these days. Without someone somewhere who can tell the next employer that you were and are a great employee.

I did the family thing, I’m raising a child, and he’s just not so young anymore… Oh, and the first 5 years of his life, my life was severely compromised so that he COULD and DID have my full attention. The formative years, I was there for all of them. And I did it not by standing in the welfare line, not by asking anyone for help, I worked in a factory because it was up to me to provide for him on many many occasions as his father is the king of losing jobs. I taught my son to tie his shoes, I taught him to write his name… I made his halloween costumes, I made him t-shirts and I bought the supplies for school, etc. I did all of those things and I’m glad for those years when he had my full time attention. I do not regret anything I did to be there for him.

Let it be noted that today my son is my biggest supporter on my path to a degree. He’s very proud of his Mom as he should be. No one’s handed me anything. He has a clear understanding of everything that has gone down in the last several years and he knows what I have done to counteract it all. Yes, I’m blessed, lucky… I’m happy too. I don’t live my life in the past. I no longer dwell (as much) on my mistakes. I see tomorrow as a wonderful gift that I have yet to open. Yes, I have made tons of mistakes...I'll make more.

Boy, some people cannot let bygones be bygones can they? They will tell you all about all the shit that's happened to you but turn a blind eye to the fact that you yourself have turned the pile of shit into a shrine people come to see for miles. No no my life is no shrine nor should I be worshipped...but cripes...it was what it was..it is now what it is...and no one can take that away.



To date my ex-husband is unemployed, is living off of his new wife, who is a receptionist for a living. I told him 2 years ago we'd have lunch five years from then...to compare notes about our lives. I can't wait....to think he said I'd fall apart forever without him....hahahahahaha
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