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Wednesday, Nov. 05, 2003
Last night in class, a girl who is not a size 5 made a joke, that wasn't really a joke, but more like a statement of her own issue said in a humourous way. when 25 yr old girl stated that she always chose men with money, chubby girl stated, "do they like fat chics?"

"do they like fat chics?"


Today while at work a bunch of new collectors were milling around and a few were stationed in the aisle'o'cubicles and I had to squeeze through to get back to my own desk. My team lead stated "suck it in girl and I will too." What was that?? One chubby chic to another trying to be humorous? A size 5 girl couldn't have walked through that aisle riddled with office chairs and long men legs and notebooks and the like.

I didn't giggle. I stated the truth. "yah well this job is so stressful and full of "sit down and don't get out of your seat" that I have gained at least 10 lbs since I've started and I hate it!"

Then I simply walked over legs and through notebook pages and elbows and some rude arms that didn't budge and past those kind enough to slide back amongst the cubes. One afro-american guy who remains nameless because I don't know who he was stated "don't you dare suck it in, don't you dare change it or lose it because I'll tell you to go find it again because from what I can see it's all in the right places and there's not a damned thing wrong with the way you look girl."

I suppose that just goes to show you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I wouldn't interacially date, it's not for me. I'm not whitist, but hell I just don't want to date someone I can't possible relate to on the same level. I wouldn't date a black man because as the old saying goes...well yah I might not want to go back. *grin* I suppose saying never is far close minded but I guess what I'm trying to say is to each his own. And isn't it odd how we all believe that what men want is that cosmo cover girl. Not all men. Not even close to all. I've never had a shortage in the man department. Never gone even 2 months without a significant other. I've never had to actively pursue anyone for ages to get his attention. Yes there are men out there that make their girlfriends gag and puke with anxiety over their appearance. But they're not all like that. And incidentally I've never been with an overweight guy. Not even a slightly overweight guy. Not even once. Not because I wouldn't, just because it's never happened that way. Current BF is 5'11 and weighs in at about 155 to 160 lbs. Ex was 5'9 (short fuck he was...lol) and weighs in at about the same. I would say that BF has a much nicer bod, every muscle is toned and tight and yummy. And besides he has a nice butt. The kind of butt that looks perfect in jeans. (c'mon girls you know what I'm talking about here...lol) But the thing is I've never cared as much about what a man looked like as what his soul was like. Let me just say that even a relatively speaking good looking man that can call any women names because of her weight is just plain ugly inside himself. Those are the types that want a size 3 chic and if she gains ten lbs and five wrinkles he'll trade up for a new model.

To nameless guy at work today...thanks man for making my day. For making me stop and realize I am worthy...I'm worth my weight in gold. Therefore I'm priceless.

To BF who called me a mere five minutes after I left for work today just to say "I just called to tell you I love you." You made my day before guy at work said a word. Oh and hey BF...you give great hug. (ever meet a guy who hugs with his entire body..arms chest and all manly squeeze? ...that's my man with every hug he gives me.)


P.S. my BF has yummy m&m brown eyes too. :-)
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