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Tuesday, Nov. 07, 2006
Five daysÖno update. I think Iíve pretty much lost interest. Itís because Iím so busy and thereís honestly nothing happening. It was Rickís birthdayÖI got him two tickets to the Bucís game. That was on the 2nd. In the last 5 days Iíve done nothing but write a paper for my econ class and do other related homework stuff. I have read two books on my new Sony Ebook reader device (love it!) Iíve gone to work 5 times and gone home from work five times. I havenít had time to do much of anything else.

Last night I cleaned my kitchen cabinet out. The one under the sink...because there was a leak. There IS a leak in the pipe. But now I have a bucket under there and so should not get that slimey water under there where I canít clean it up. Gotta call maintenance.

I went and got my nails done yesterday and itís great because I can type really fast again because I got them trimmed way down. They are shorties now.

I am at work trying to figure out class schedules this morning and drinking a cup of coffee dying from being tired. I need to figure out how to best live with that giant TV that Rick recently brought home. Iím afraid to get rid of my wooden entertainment center because I paid a fortune for it but the big TV would be so much nicer put there. Itís the problem of knowing you will own a house one day and wish you had it but for now you donít own the house and want to keep it. Common conundrum Iím sureÖ.but it sucks all the same.

I had my son over the weekend but this time around we didnít do a whole lot. I have been so tired. I took a long nap both days. He doesnít mind though because he loves to hang out on my space talking to all his friends. He broke up with his girlfriend because she didnít like him talking to one of his friends who is a girl. HmmÖthat kid takes after his mother more and more daily. He said he wasnít dumping a friend over some girlfriend that wouldnít be around as long as his friends. She already has another boyfriend so I told my son she was probably a hoí anyways. Ha! (no girl will be worthy of my sonÖnot to me anywaysÖIím his MomÖIím way biased)

I got into an argument with the ex over a pair of glasses for the kid. He says he canít afford to buy him a pair but heís having major remodeling done on his house. I know this because when I went to pick my son up there were guys on the roof pounding away.
When I brought that up he said he was getting the work done on credit. I think you can get glasses on credit. He says he was waiting for a customer to pay him. Heís in a weird situation because his company is their only income. His wife quit her job and is his ďassĒistant. I wish I knew less about it than I do because it just reminds me of what a mess life can be and gives me a headache. I asked him when he would be able to get him glasses (as heís the one in the divorce decree responsible for health care costs) he couldnít give me an answer. Fuckwad. YesÖI called my sonís father a fuckwad for not buying him a needed pair of glasses and yes I will probably end up being the one that buys him a pair of glasses even though Iím the struggling college student (ha poor woeís meÖ.just kidding) The difference is I have a conscience and he doesnít. Period. You cannot change a sociopath. I know this well but still it pisses me off bad.

Things are relatively boring though. And I prefer it that way. I like going to work, coming home working on schoolwork, watching some TV, reading a few blogs during the commercials and getting some decent sleep. I have no big plans for the holidays although I did schedule some time off and Iíve never done that before. I took a few days off around Thanksgiving and a few days off around Christmas. Iím sure they will be much needed rest days by then. Iím also taking my last math class over the holiday season and it will last more weeks than normal because of the holidays. Perhaps these extra weeks will help me get my homework done, etc. Who knows. I only need to pass the class..not ace it. Thank goodness.

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