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Thursday, Jan. 10, 2002
Someone just called my workplace looking for a stock check. Normal thing. He speaks to me for a few minutes and asks me out. Goon. Then he drops me his phone number and asks for my email address. I gave him one too. I’m a fucking goon now too. He says “I like to meet new people.” When I say “I’m married.” He says, “I bet you’re not happy…or you wouldn’t still be talking to me 9 minutes later.” Argh…he works for another distributor in the same industry, what choice do I have but to be pleasant. Am I supposed to say “get lost you jerk!” I had to be nice…*grins*. He says “here write down my home phone number and call me sometime…I dig married chicks.” I replied in typical no self-esteem fashion “but I’m fat and ugly you don’t want to talk to me” He said “fat and ugly eh? Well you’re funny as hell too!”.

Fuck…what a time for my charm to be attractive. Why do these things happen to me? Its like ever since emotionally and mentally I divorced myself from this marital mess…they’ve been crawling out of the woodwork.

I just realized this is a story that I would never tell “him”. He’d freak out and say “why didn’t you tell him to go fuck himself?” To which I would want to say “Why don’t you do something about being with me already?” And it would get real ugly from there on out……


Flirt with me
If you want me to
I'll do it for you

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