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forever will not be long enough

Wednesday, Apr. 16, 2003
Tonight I went to the bookstore. Its been awhile since I've sat and just had a cup of coffee and read a book leisurely. I needed some "me" time after the bad weekend in the clink. I was reading a book my psychologist recommended. It's called "Boundaries in Relationships". It was almost scary how much information was in there about the types of people we choose for ourselves based on the patterns of behavior we as humans develop in childhood and in previous relationships. The book is very interesting and is based somewhat but not entirely on Christian values and principals. I would suggest this book to anyone that has had a bad childhood, bad relationship experiences, is divorced/seperated and/or is just looking to avoid the terrible downfalls the previous things cause in a persons life. I am not here to sell the book, I didn't have to buy it because my doctor told me he would lend me his copy. But I did buy it because I think I personally need to read it about ten times and gain as much from the information within it as possible. I have a relationship worth cherishing forever. "forever will not be long enough"
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