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Thursday, Mar. 27, 2003
My boss brought his dogs into the office today. He’s gone for lunch. They are both sitting by my chair. I really miss Nikki and Webster. When the split occurred 3 months ago, Webster was taken to the dog pound. Ex took Nikki with him into his apartment complex but they do not allow Chow Chow’s and so he found a Chinese couple willing to take her and so…poof. Two dogs I loved…gone. :-( My bosses dogs are cool, but they are making me sad.

I want to get a Siamese cat. Ex was allergic to cats and so I could never have one. And cats are easier than dogs to care for. I was told Siamese cats are mean. I have to investigate first. If I get a cat, I want to name it Westerberg. Gee…I wonder why.

I got a message from “him” on my voice mail today at lunchtime. Things are progressing business wise. He’s doing so well and I’m excited about the entire thing. He’s started a medical supply company, the same industry he worked for in the past. He’s now doing all the work for himself. He has offered me a job and now that he has obtained all the necessary Medicare/Medicaid numbers he is signing up customers and I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s shipping out catheters…etc. It’s exciting. This is something I’ve watched take place from the very beginning when he took a job working for a medical supply company in a different capacity than what he graduated from college for. It’s been a long and interesting path that he’s taken and I have been there to witness the entire process from the point at which he wondered why he went to college for one thing to then find himself signing up patients for medical supplies. I am extremely proud of his accomplishments and am very aware of the work and dedication that has been involved. I really have to smile when he calls me up to let me know the latest and greatest events in the process of making a dream come true. I’m proud of him and can’t wait to see it all come together just like the vision from the beginning. Sometimes I have doubts about the directions that I want to take with my life, but I am sure that to be able to work side by side with “him” on a business venture is an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. I know that great things are in the works, karma is on his side, and so is his determination.

His words from way back then..

Kristy I know its gonna be tough for you for awhile. And when you reach the end atleast you’ll be able to find your smile again. When you finally move out of that house, you can kiss away your ball and chain. You wont’ have anyone telling you what to do or someone secretly watching you. Kristy you won’t have to wake up in the middle of the nite all in tears, depressed about your life. Instead you can wake and smile with the sunshine. Thank God for a beautiful day. Live life to the fullest. Take the time you need just for yourself. Always remain loyal to your goals. Use each day to create your dreams into reality. Kristy someday you’ll be finding yourself looking at clear skys at night. Watching the stars above while laying in the arms of the man you love.

I have COMPLETE confidence in you Kristy!


His words have been a source of change in my life. He means a great deal to me, it’s a friendship that has changed my life. To see him succeed and achieve fills me with happiness for him. Hope for a brighter future….and belief that there is good in this life. He’s happy for me as well. He’s happy about Rick, about the changes in my life…and its nice that our friendship made it through all that it has.

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