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Friday, Jan. 13, 2006
She hit him. She bated him by saying “hit me..go ahead hit me” by putting her face into his face……and then she hit him. Oh there’s the usual he said he saw something different but the fact of the matter is the dysfunction is there.

The cops….again because when you’ve done nothing wrong but you want to protect…you need to call the powers that be. And this time there was a certain level of disappointment when it became clear that a stepmother can cause bodily harm and NOT be charged with violence.

But at least this time….the cops…they listened. And they’re sending a file to DHS with a recommendation of evaluation.

Hopefully this time they will follow through.

Regardless…..I will always do everything in my power to help you. Please don’t ever not come to me…..that’s what Mother’s are for.

I can’t simply kidnap you and run away….if I could….I would. I know you’ll read this and I want you to know I am so very proud of you….and I will not give up on helping you.

Your words….your note…..I want you to know….I’m so very glad that you tell me the truth even if and when advised not to. The truth will always be the answer.

Adults that hurt children ....are criminals.

My husband is working..has been working since early early this morning....I can't wait for him to come home so I can hug him.....I hate that I need him and he can't be here.....

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