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Friday, Jul. 26, 2002
this morning....

“t”: I have a pic here but i think I look stupid in it
me: no no no
me: never ever
me: I'm sure you look just “t”
me: yourself
“t”: plus it is not a very good photo
me: c'mon just send the photo.....
“t”: i dont' know
“t”: it is sending
me: ty “t”


By the way, we talked about my diary and how I spoke about him and he said he doesn’t want to know where it is. He reads bleedingink and really digs quixotic. He reads everything I show him. It’s so sweet. He said that my diary was my place to vent and if he were to read it then I couldn’t vent or ever speak about him. He says he doesn’t care what I say about him. I copy pasted a few passages to him and he said “wow…that’s so nice.”

So, I never get any sleep, you have any idea the time difference? Ahhh it’s ….it’s *rubs eyes* um…yeah…that’s what it is.

I’m not complaining….


I didn't see the light
I didn't know day from night
I had no reason to care
But since you came along>
I can face the dawn
Cause I know you'll be there
-Steve Holy
9:08 a.m. ::
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