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Monday, Sept. 20, 2004
My ex’s new wife is pissed off because he can’t go to work for the next two weeks because he had a sinus infection and took a bunch of some drug and had an adverse reaction to it and therefore he now can’t go to work and now can’t earn any money. Secondly she thinks I should take the next two weeks off of work and take my son. Phhhft….she shoulda thought about all the duties of being a stepmother before she married his sick ass. Blahhhhhhh

She called my workplace on Friday night when I so obviously wasn’t here because I already had my son with me….to say “it’s such a relief to know that this child’s mother will be taking him for the next two weeks”.

Hahahha didn’t anyone tell her I am not a handicap with ill issues like the dude she married? They put me in a situation whereby he won’t pay child support and I have to work two jobs just to afford my own bills and provide for him when he is with me and I should drop both jobs to pitch in and help in their time of need because he is now having problems? Whatever!

Besides my son is in school all week while she’s at work. And then my ex only has to deal with him for a few hours throughout the evening. He sounds like he’s fine to me too. So again…whatever! This is a woman that harbors my son and doesn’t allow him to call me or email me or anything. When she has any control she cockblocks our relationship left and right….and NOW she wants something from me??? I’m ROTFLMFAO…




Funniest thing was ex asked me “oh how’s he doing these days? In a condescending way. I told him the truth and he could only say “ohhh”… bwah in your face… My truth, “oh he’s doing great, he’s busting his ass at work and he’s healthy enough to do so!!!!!!!!!!
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