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hanging the moon

Friday, Apr. 19, 2002
Every Friday afternoon I fill up with this feeling of hopefulness. By Sunday night I'll be deflated. It's a slow progression of air seeping out.

Tonight....someone's comments about my haircut gift to MP....

???: Well, I'm just passing through. Just wanted to tell you that you are awesome. (as if you didn't know that)
???: You've hung the moon, as far as he's concerned. ???: I'll talk to you later. ??? signed off at 8:39:37 PM.

Know that I'm awesome? I don't know it or think it is true just because someone said it....but it was nice to read it regardless.

I have this image in my head of myself up on a huge huge huge silvery ladder with an opaque silk nightgown on...busily hanging the moon aiming it's brilliance directly towards Pheonix.

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