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happy birthday bucky!

Monday, Nov. 22, 2004
Dear Keith,

12 years ago on this date I was in Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, TX marveling at how little and perfect your hands were, hoping that your ice blue eyes would remain to charm all the little girls in kindergarten and beyond. It was pure bliss. I could not imagine loving another human being as much as I loved you as a little baby. You were absolutely perfect and I was the luckiest new mother in the world. You were the best decision I had ever made until then.

Nothing has changed except that you are not so little anymore. Your hands are still perfect and I have learned since that they are full of talent. I now know that you think football sucks but painting is awesome. I know that even without those ice blue eyes that have remained you would still be a little charmer. When I think about you, spend time with you, it is still bliss. I now know what it is to love someone more and more with each passing hour, day and year. You are still absolutely perfect and I am still the luckiest mother in the world. You are beyond the best decision I ever made.

Thank you for hugging me, no matter what. Thank you for loving me endlessly. Thank you for teaching me that life is amazing and good and that the sky is not just blue but is azure blue. Thank you for making me a better person just because you exist. You make me proud every single day to say I am your mother.

Happy Birthday and I love you!
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