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Happy Father's Day

Sunday, Jun. 19, 2005
This year my son bought Rick a gift for Father’s Day. We did run into a slight problem when it came time to buy him a card. My son can’t yet exactly buy him a Father’s Day card that says Daddy…and yet in a way even after we’re married, my son has a Daddy. Oddly enough the stores don’t sell “Happy Father’s Day to my step-Father” cards. Idiots work at Hallmark! But Rick was happy with his “Hi” (outside) and “Happy Father’s Day” (inside) card. Idiots work at Hallmark.

These are the same idiots that don’t sell cards for the ex-wife to give the ex-husband so instead I typed the ex a note…..(further proof that I am letting go of more long held animosity)

I know that I sometimes hate you more than I probably have a right to do so. I know that I often disagree with the “way” you choose to do things where Bucky is concerned. I can list a million things I would wish to change about the last 14 years that I have known you.

But there are two things I wouldn’t change.

I have a great son.

He has a great Daddy.

Thanks for taking care of him.

Yes…that took a lot to do, but I feel that it is right….and on and on we grow… Afterall, I learned how to forgive from my father....

additional info added at later time: Gave note to ex...he read it and said "you're welcome Kristy". Another kiss goodbye for the kiddo...and again..the wait begins for next time.
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