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Sunday, Dec. 22, 2002
Greetings Taurus, Your horoscope for today..

Early this morning the Moon moves over into Leo which means that you need to seek out your own creature comfort and enjoy a little bit of luxury at this point, Taurus. Avoid dwelling on unrealistic expectations, the rebels may want to shake things up and you'll be happier if you stick to the facts instead of getting lost in the what ifs and maybes. Come to terms with your own vision for the future and make the right changes so that it can happen. It helps if you adopt a broader perspective.

All I can say about that is WOAH.

I have a huge announcement to make, I got my head out of my ass and configured my new MP3 player this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and here is what’s rotating on there for the first time!

Someday – Alan Jackson

(don’t tell me lies and try to please me I’ve heard it all so many times before….someday I’ll get my life straight)

Forgive - Rebecca Lynn Howard

(That’s a mighty big word for such a small man and I’m not sure I can cause I don’t even know now who I am….you know what they say “forgive and forget relive and regret”)

Whatever You Say – Martina McBride

(I know you can hear me but I’m not sure you’re listening, I know what you’re saying but still there’s something missing)

You’ll Always Be Loved by Me – Brooks and Dunn

(trust is a tightrope we all have to walk….. you can count on the sun to rise and the stars to come out at night….this whole world spins so fast so many things they just don’t last)

Valentine – The Replacements

(Well you wish upon a star that turns into a plane and I guess that’s right on par who is left to blame? If you were a pill I’d take a handful at my will and knock you back with something sweet and strong)

One last thing…I love when you call to fall asleep talking with me….I always hang up smiling.

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