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Sunday, Sept. 28, 2003


I don’t check my email much anymore, at least not the extra email addresses so much anymore….

tonight I got this. It’s the kind of email that I never thought I would get from Jamie.  Please keep Jamie

in your prayers.  Jamie’s my friend from a former job I had where we worked together.  I haven’t

worked there for almost 4 years and I still consider Jamie to be a great friend.  He played base guitar

for Blue Joules, they are now defunct and he’s in another band.  He’s married with 3 great kids and

I hope like hell he’ll be good as new in no time.


Jamie is around my age.  He’s in his early thirties I believe…..you’d think this shit w touldn’t be

a concern in my life at this time…or his.  It certainly makes me re-think my thoughts on good health.


In unrelated news, Bucky was here all weekend, he told me that ex fell down in the bathtub the

other day because his legs gave out. 


I am so happy right now that I am healthy.  At least physically…right?


Pray for Jamie…his email read ….


From: "Jamie" <techsupport@##-#######.com

To: <groupemail.com>

Subject: Bad news...

Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 13:23:38 -0400


Hey everybody! I know I'm normally sending jokes and stuff to you guys, but

this time it's not. Although you can laugh if you want ;p



Anyway, you are all my friends and family and I wanted to make sure I let

everybody know what's going on.



Next Wednesday I'm going into the hospital to get multiple bypass surgery

(nothing like getting right to the bad news! :-)). I guess the stents that

they had put in earlier in the year are all clogged up and there's some new

blockage to deal with. I guess they're actually going to bypass like 6

arteries. But on the good news side, this means that after I recover I

should have 15 to 20 years without having to worry about this crap again,

and hopefully I can keep myself "cleaned out" enough so I don't have to ever

worry about it again. So if you ever see me with a Checkers burger in hand.

punch me in the face, OK? :-) LOL




Anyway, I'm sorry to deliver the bad news in an email like this, but there's

just so many people I needed to tell and this was the easiest way (and this

is how I communicate with everybody anyway!)



Keep your fingers crossed for me :-)








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