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Monday, Jul. 04, 2005

Today I was released from the hospital. Four days of pain and illness, one medical procedure that required anesthesia and one laparoscopic surgery, fear and trepidation and anxiety and worry and feeling ill and the thing I walk away from the experience knowing is that I love fiercely and I am loved fiercely in return.


Only because I believe that it’s important to share your story sometimes because you may indeed help someone else in a similar situation I include this link.


the link that 'splains it all to ya...


I am okay…very okay right now.  A little tired, a little sad that I had to withdraw from my current course in college because I was out of attendance for 5 days due to this incident, but otherwise I have 7 metal staples, a few band-aids and a huge appreciation for my fiancé.


Suffice it to say when your man helps you get dressed, get showered, etc. you know that you are loved.


My ex-husband even found it in his heart to bring my son to the hospital to visit with me even though he had to return an hour and a half later to pick him up.


I saw a few people in the hospital that will probably not make it and if they do they’ll never regain the same life they had prior to their visit.  And so I never asked “why me?” Not even during the vomiting and un-medicated pain


I am a lucky girl.


And for the record…my boss rocks! And my man....was breathtakingly sweet to me throughout all of this. So now I put my jewelry back on, breath in and out of my little plastic toy and get well.

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