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mass confusion....and another song!

Wednesday, Mar. 06, 2002
I wrote a piece called "To have grew too old" last night and sent it to Jamie of Blue Joules and got this reply back from him…. Keep in mind that I show him a lot of what I write…. I don’t always get this response from him….but I got this today…

Wow, that's killer stuff! I Like it... You want me to give it to Rob? Shit, we'll make a song out of that tonight! :)

SWEET! Another “paper bag” set of lyrics hits the big time! (I choose to talk to you Josh because every once in a blue moon I make an awesome choice!)


Ok the plain text is an email I got today….the italicized stuff is my reply…to address the confusion everyone’s talking about I’m posting it here

well, good god...now wonder you're confused...sleeping with the husband and loving someone else and living somewhere else?

LOL very true….you gotta love it. I do love my husband. I just can’t get past all the shit he did to me. I’m trying to distance myself so that I can get a handle on things.

I don't know the entire story, but I don't think you or your husband love each other. I mean, he is (or at least seems to be) doing everything EVER possible to get you out of his life and I think he's just being ultra nice to get you out, out, out. Why else?

He also bought me dinner last night and delivered it. He also called me today and asked me to Go out to lunch. He also called me on the phone last night to wish me “sweet dreams”. He also Wrote me a very nice letter. He loves me, he’s just as confused as I am. And he allowed me to move 5 minutes from the house because he wants me to be happy, find peace and figure it all out without simply filing for divorce and calling it quits. That’s why.

And, you've now quit talking to “him”? What is that all about? I know he's a jerk, but you were sooooooooooooo 'loving' him only days ago. And, now it just ends like that?

I will never quit talking to “him”. I say I am or will or have over and over and in the end..he calls my name and I go running. I spoke to him for 2 hours last night on the phone about work and life and his new house and all sorts of things. “He” is my closest confidant and my best friend right now. But he has issues just like we all know that he does. He’ll never commit to me. He’ll never even get in his fucking truck and come see me, so I have to accept as much as possible and not concentrate so much of my energies on him.

I'm confused, too.

Join the crowd!

Oh, and James? Are you gonna hook up with him, too?? Too many men in one pot, girl! Ahh, have fun, I guess is what it's all about.

James calls me. James worries about me. James is always there for me when I go to him. James is someone new and we don’t know each other quite yet. He’s fun to talk to and even more fun to chat to. He helped me fix my computer last night over the phone and I just plain think that James is the sweetest, the cutest…..the absolute funnest. Do I love James? No. Do I know James well enough to know James yet? NO! I’m having fun talking to James. He’s offered his friendship and he thinks that both "him" and Husband are fucked up. He’s probably right. Does James make my toes curl? Not as of yet. Do I like James? Yes…very much so. It’s all new.

Reading your diary, and I'm confused too!!

Sorry! Try being me for a day, now that’s confusion.
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