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Tuesday, Nov. 05, 2002
Right now they are digging chunks out of his thigh. Just thinking about that gives me the willies. Itís hard not to imagine illness taking over your life when you see it happening to someone you know. Iím waiting for that phone call to drive to Largetto to go and get him, cause even though he thinks heíll be able to drive, Iím thinking that he wonít. I offered to go with, but he declined. Now Iím wondering at what stage of the process heís at. Even if I had gone, I would be sitting in some sterile hallway smelling bad hospital smells and pacing. I hate hospitals, unless thereís a new baby at the end of the trip.

Now Iím just working and waiting, wondering how much muscle will have to regrow. Wondering how bad this is all going to be. Getting the willies againÖ

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