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Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2002
I just cleaned out my backpack while sitting here at work bored out of my mind. And I found this bottle of perfume that “he” sent to me for Valentines Day. And get this…I never tried to open it before. Today I tried to open it. The top is stuck. Volupte’ with a stuck lid. Story of my life. The lid is so small that when I try to twist it my fingers just do not make any progress.

I have to go see Bernie tonight. I’ve been ditching him for about 2 months now. He said, “Now Kristy if you don’t come today I’m going to have to close your case.” I wanted so badly to say, “well hell that means “case closed!”. But I didn’t. I said, “ok ok I’ll be there.” But now I want to ditch.

Maybe I’ll take my bottle of perfume and ask him why my life is a beautiful fragrance stuck behind glass. That might make him wish I had ditched again.

This feeling I have had for the last few days is something I can’t even come up with a word for. Nothing fits. It’s horrible whatever it is.

I called up husband and thanked him for cleaning out the dining room that was full of Christmas decorations and various crap that needed to be stowed in the shed. He said, “wow you called me and you’re not bitching??”

No matter what I do…I can’t win. The only thing I can say for today….I haven’t done a damn thing all day here at work..

I think only miserable people update this much…

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