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Thursday, Mar. 28, 2002
To address guestbook entry person….

so you cheated on your husband

yes, after he cheated on me.

then you lied to so many guys. and you say your not heartless?

Yup, I lied to James to save him from feeling worse. But come to think of it, I think I’ll come clean with him. You’re right.

you are not only heartless, your behavior is habitual.

True again on the habitual part. I tend to “lie” to people that I’ve never met.

i predict that you will never be happy because you are never COMPLETELY honest with anyone.

Wrong, I’m honest with myself. And obviously I am aware of this behavior because I freely talk about it on my diary. I’m not lying to myself. Now am I?

you will die a lonely, bitter bitch, just like you feel today.

I am not lonely nor am I bitter. And I do not feel either way today.

and your poor son will always remember that you left him so you could "find" yourself.

He never saw it that way and he’s already forgotten that I wasn’t living with him for 20 days. He’s too hung up on the fact that his father was banging his best friends Mommy.

You selfcentered bitch, your no better than a crack addicted welfare mom.

I readily admit that I have been rather self-centered…in an effort to straighten my act out. I think I’m doing quite nicely..thank you very much! I am far better than a crack addicted welfare mom. I have a good job, and I’m not on drugs. My lifes far too exciting to ever need them.

things will never work out for you because you keep fucking them up and then blaming them on everyone that you lied to.

I haven’t blamed any of my problems on anyone else. Ever. Show me my words whereby I did that. I haven’t. I am solely responsible for my life. And…incidentally things are working out. I am living in a beautiful home with my “family” for whom I have never lied to. I have lied to people who have fucked with my emotions…."him"…James….people who are not “real” nor in my “real” life!

You by the way are a nameless person for whom has nothing better to do than barrage guest-books with your unfounded opinions. But thanks…I needed something to do this afternoon.
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