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Tuesday, Jan. 08, 2002
Awwww fuck…..

I am now being subjected to listening to some freak ass sales guru tapes every morning at work for a half hour. A guy that is way worse than Brad Richdale for boring voices. What the fuck? I am not even in sales, but because I sit in the same room as everyone else I am subjected to this shit.

You could skip this next section unless you want to get sleepy….

Roger Dawson is now speaking, whoever the hell he is. The sicker part is that I’m going to take notes…
You’re negotiating all the time. Everything you ever want in life is presently owned or controlled by somebody else (learn how to get it) The understanding that there are some predictable responses to the maneuvers that take place. There are 3 critical factors to every negotiation. (The understanding of power….what makes one person better at negotiating than another)

Win-Win negotiating – instead of trying to outsmart someone, lets try to find a way that both parties win. (Information, timing, people are different and we have to adjust to this when negotiating.)

1. One issue in negotiation.
2. The understanding that people don’t all want the same thing (what is important to us may not be important to them) (People are not always right or wrong, they are just seeing things from a different perspective.) Don’t fall into the trap of assuming.
3. The understanding that we’ll never be a win-win negotiator that what we want is what they want.
4. You’re better to have a strong objection than you are to meet with resistance, as long as there is objection you have something to work with. Resistance leads nowhere.
5. Good negotiating is not a matter of only getting what you want, its about helping the other party to achieve what they want.

Yippy Skippy!!! Someone shoot me in the head….or I should smoke some pot before work every morning cause this shit sucks! And no I’m not a pothead, but 21 more days of this? Wait…maybe I can negotiate with someone tonight and get what I want. Hmm…. That’s a thought. Maybe this 21 days of listening to this shit will help me get what I want afterall.

By the way…. “he” called me at 5:10 p.m. at work yesterday and I didn’t walk out of work til 6:10 p.m. cause he didn’t want to let me off of the phone. Hmm….

I also had a very nice conversation with my Seahorse yesterday. Mmmmm….very nice. I told him how I felt and this time he didn’t laugh, he replied with a duplicate phrase.


We're giving you soul power
I like it sweet and sour
When it comes to rhymes and beat designs
I'm at the control tower
Tell me what makes you so afraid
Of all those people you say you hate
Just give it one time for your mind
And let's try to negotiate
And let's try to negotiate
And let's try to negotiate
-Beastie Boys
9:17 a.m. ::
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