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Thursday, Jan. 24, 2002
Ohmyachinhiney: yeah, most of the time

PoeticaL: yeah sometimes he's a failure (was talking about Perceptions entries)

PoeticaL: just like everyone

PoeticaL: just like me

PoeticaL: I have no readership

PoeticaL: none

PoeticaL: zip

PoeticaL: zilch

PoeticaL: <-----loser

Ohmyachinhiney: awwww

Ohmyachinhiney: cause people are tired of hearing about "him" is all

PoeticaL: yeah ......its true

Ohmyachinhiney: lol

PoeticaL: but guess what?

PoeticaL: guess what

Ohmyachinhiney: what?

Ohmyachinhiney: you care

PoeticaL: madprophet called me today at work

Ohmyachinhiney: oh? and?

PoeticaL: and I know he likes me

PoeticaL: like he like likes me

PoeticaL: I can tell

Ohmyachinhiney: right ok

PoeticaL: he asks me stuff like "what's goin on with “him”?”

PoeticaL: and his voice trails off

PoeticaL: today he was asking me "whatever happend to that dude that had the foot fetish?"

Ohmyachinhiney: hmm

PoeticaL: he was asking me about everyone and everything

PoeticaL: what's up with that man behavior?

Ohmyachinhiney: right

PoeticaL: what's that about?

PoeticaL: do you know?

Ohmyachinhiney: cause you only write about "him"

Ohmyachinhiney: is your book going to be called "him" too?

Ohmyachinhiney: lol

Ohmyachinhiney: girl you know its true....bom bom bombom

PoeticaL: lol no

PoeticaL: hey wait

PoeticaL: thats a good idea

PoeticaL: "Him"

Ohmyachinhiney: wait nothing

PoeticaL: lol

Ohmyachinhiney: ugh

PoeticaL: teehee

PoeticaL: I"ll take what you're saying under advisement

PoeticaL: I'll write about something else for a week

PoeticaL: we'll see what happens

Ohmyachinhiney: we'll see if you can do it

Ohmyachinhiney: lol

PoeticaL: I bet I can

PoeticaL: what do I get if I do?

Ohmyachinhiney: ill kiss your ass some more....i saw how much you liked it

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: you'll do that no matter what

PoeticaL: you liked it too

Ohmyachinhiney: so?

PoeticaL: so do it for free

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: ok tomorrows Friday

PoeticaL: I'll go from Friday to Friday

PoeticaL: no "him"

PoeticaL: k?

Ohmyachinhiney: ill be waaaaatcchhhhhiiingggggg

PoeticaL: oh I know

Ohmyachinhiney: bwahaha

Ohmyachinhiney: dam, where's a good ass to kiss when you need one?

PoeticaL: seriously.....what is the bet?

PoeticaL: I go a week without writing about "him" or what?

Ohmyachinhiney: i don't want you to just NOT write about "him", I want something goood to read dammit

Ohmyachinhiney: lol

Ohmyachinhiney: no mansy pansy cheap-ass diaryish entries

Ohmyachinhiney: lol

Ohmyachinhiney: what would you like for your reward?

PoeticaL: um...

PoeticaL: lemme see...

PoeticaL: how about a kickass layout?

Ohmyachinhiney: layout?

PoeticaL: for my diary

PoeticaL: a brand new layout...

Ohmyachinhiney: im not that good

PoeticaL: done by YOU

PoeticaL: you did great with yours

Ohmyachinhiney: i would love to though

PoeticaL: oh I see...backing out now....

Ohmyachinhiney: but I had a puter with PSP when i did that

Ohmyachinhiney: ugh

Ohmyachinhiney: i can do it

Ohmyachinhiney: lets see if YOU can

Ohmyachinhiney: lol

PoeticaL: ok your on

PoeticaL: *reaches hand out to shake*

Ohmyachinhiney: *shakes hand* YOU'RE ON!

Ohmyachinhiney: :-)

PoeticaL: ok starting on Friday right?

PoeticaL: Friday to Friday

Ohmyachinhiney: sounds good

Ohmyachinhiney: entry every day?

PoeticaL: done deal

PoeticaL: yes

PoeticaL: entry every day

PoeticaL: no "him"

Ohmyachinhiney: whew

PoeticaL: lol

Ohmyachinhiney: ok, ill be reading in between the lines too

Ohmyachinhiney: lol

PoeticaL: ok

PoeticaL: gotta go...

PoeticaL: talk to "him"

Ohmyachinhiney: have fun

PoeticaL: i'll tell "him" you said hello

PoeticaL: hahahaha

PoeticaL: since you like "him" so much!

Ohmyachinhiney: thanksss

Ohmyachinhiney: :-)

You can read my asi9 pals diary full of no entries about “him” in it….

right here


And since its not Friday yet….I love “him” I think “him” is the greatest. If you can’t live without “him” updates…..for whatever sicko reasons for a week….then email me…. he didn’t say I couldn’t do that! lol…there’s always a loophole somewhere….hahahahaahaaa


I have a love, and it's all that I have.

Right or wrong, what else can I do?

I love him; I'm his,

And everything he is

I am, too.

I have a love, and it's all that I need,

Right or wrong, and he needs me, too.

I love him, we're one;

There's nothing to be done,

Not a thing I can do

But hold him, hold him forever,

Be with him now, tomorrow

And all of my life!

-West Side Story

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