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Monday, Dec. 06, 2004
There’s a girl where I work (where..I won’t say…since there are two where’s where she could be, so there!) that has an “online” boyfriend. She has never met him, but she’s got a ring on her finger and they are engaged and she refers to him as her “fiancé”. She talks about him incessantly. I talk about my fiancé to anyone that I truly know and confide in, but not just constantly blathering about this, that and the other and over and over and over… She’s never met the man but she never shuts up!!

She’s wearing a ring he supposedly bought her. She’s mousie and plain Jane and yet holds a Master’s degree.

Love makes people stupid. Those without love in their locality makes people brain dead.

She reminds me of someone I used to know, someone I used to hear in my head, someone I used to be….almost, but even I wasn’t even that bad.


And yah every once in a three month period of time I hear from “him” and he talks about his real live fiancé and how he had to send her back to work because she was driving “him” crazy needing him to stop working and spend time with her and I laugh the evil laughter of a wicked witch. And then I go home and hug my man a little tighter and he doesn’t even know why.
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