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path and on and past and gone

Friday, May. 07, 2004
Path and on past and gone

Teacup cracked
Bloody water
See through flesh
Thought for flooded fodder
Looking back
I canít catch the same trip
Like before I had a child
Who had a father
Pasted hearts and
Ruddy drawings
Presently lost
Can you hear me calling?
Daisies in bunches
Twist tied vases
Hands hide
Tearful faces
Drive drive
Future coming
Lets beat the clock
Tie all the races
Hide hide
Iím walking falling
I canít talk about
All the pride Iím hauling
Blank blank
All the hollow stages
Type type
Fuck writing on
Brand new pages
Highways line up
Like patient soldiers
Crack a smile
Iím trapped on the
Muddy shoulder
Guard the sail
Lets boat the oceans
Beat the drum like well
And tide the motions
Whisper my name
You and I you and I
Trapped trapped
You canít see me
I to eye
No more presents
All I want is a
Reversed past

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