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Monday, Aug. 12, 2002
OMG I found the kewlest…

cause remember this?

and then there was this…

me: i want to love you with all my heart because that's where my heart keeps wanting to go
me: i want someone to tell me its ok for me to love you like that
t: it is ok
me: are you sure?
t: i am sure...
t: but I think that you deserve better
me: stop that
t: do you want me to say that I am all that and bag of chips?
t: I can't
me: t... if all I ever wanted in life was ten cents and you had five in your pocket....would you give me all five?
t: yes
me: thats all I want
me: i want to give you everything I have to give knowing that you would do that in return
t: I want to give you more than I have
me: then... let me be neurotic and scared half out of my mind.. because I never loved anyone like this... and you're freaking 7,000 miles away
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