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Monday, Sept. 18, 2006
Now I'm not sick to my stomach or feeling dizzy...I'm just feeling cranky and acting quite bitchy. *sigh*

I'm also busy reading everything I can get my hands on regarding nutrition, etc. I also got my box of vitamins today and the first thought I had was "wow my box of miracle pills has arrived!" thanks to crazy email sending people.

Tomorrow night we are resuming the bookclub and it could not come at a better time. I look forward to meeting up with these ladies so much. I am going to treat myself to a cup of coffee and perhaps some hearty wheat bread. Not sure yet. Either way...the timing is good. I need to relax.

I also got some good news today regarding my Math credits I have yet remaining to finish to earn my degree. It was really good news since I really hate Math.

Now I'm fully spacey feeling after taking my pill...it's space cadet candy I swear. At least the first two hours afterwards. Time for bed. I did a smart thing by choosing to take this drug right before bedtime. The spacey feeling add's to the sleep desire.

Saving grace in the last few days? That kick ass free chair we have....it's soothed my aches and pains and some of my crankiness. Think patient thoughts for my awesome husband.....poor guy.
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