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Monday, Jul. 22, 2002
T: check this out

T: one of the MREs we get is...

T: Meat Loaf

T: right...

Me: ok

T: What would naturally go with meat loaf? Potatoes right?

Me: yes

T: Well, for a while there we were getting Mexican rice.

Me: ewwwwwww how stupid

T: Mexican Rice? with meat loaf, exactly...

Me: that's like taco sauce on your sundae

T: what I think....is someone is playing a Joke on the blind people...

T: saying here are some potatoes...put them into the MRE...

T: I sorry...

Me: lol

Me: poor t

T: I guess you just need to sit down and enjoy the MREs we have availiable some time

Me: I hope you get some good ones from time to time

T: Do you want to know what is really bad?

Me: what?

T: I started looking forward to my meat loaf with Mexican rice....and now there are potatoes in it

Me: hahahahahaha

T: :-(

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