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Saturday, Nov. 30, 2002
Me: i wikes this

Me: (sent picture of a toe ring)

Me: cutie p'tutie toe ring

Bry: hmmm, this DIM used to show when you were typing text, it doen't anymore....

Me: me dunno

Bry: hmmm, a toe ring with a key and lock

Me: yeah

Me: spiffy

Bry: no doubt

Me: i wikes it

Bry: be fun to knock them off while bangin' ya.....he he


Bry: lol

Bry: well it would, don't ya think? lol

Me: NO

Bry: no? why nots?

Me: because

Me: gross

Bry: lol gross?

Bry: bangin' is gross?

Me: yes

Bry: lol

Bry: why you say that kwisty?

Me: cause it is gwoss to think about

Bry: really? why?

Me: cause we is just friends

Bry: lol

Bry: can we be more than just friends?

Me: since when?

Bry: lol well, since now

Me: well I like men that buy me stuff

Me: that leaves you out (note: long time joke involved in that..not reality people)

Me: out

Me: out

Me: out

Bry: lol

Bry: so you wouldn't come see me some time?

Me: wow where the hell is this coming from?

Bry: lol

Bry: from Wichita Falls, Tx

Me: yes but you and I are friends

Me: friends friends friends

Me: we been friends forever

Me: we is not banging

Bry: so you wouldn't come see me then?

Me: i can't believe you are asking me this

Bry: lol well?

Me: well what

Me: you're not supposed to ask me this stuff

Me: knock it off

Bry: would you??

Bry: huh huh huh?

Me: omg I gotta go

Bry: where ya goins?

Me: somewhere

Me: you and I

Me: just friends

Bry: why?

Me: hello???? since when do you talk to me like this?

Bry: well, you can visit a friend, right?

Me: um....

Me: that's a far visit

Me: and besides

Me: I can't afford it

Me: and what about Kelly?

Bry: what if i helped?

Bry: would you come to Texas?

Bry: to visit bwy?

Me: omg

Me: where did this come from?

Bry: lol i just told ya

Me: one day we're barely talking and now you're asking me to come see you?

Bry: we been talking lots, what do you mean?

Me: well there for awhile we didn't talk at all!

Bry: that was ages ago

Me: hmmm

Me: *swaying back and forth from foot to foot*

Me: I really can't afford to

Bry: i could send you a ticket

Me: how much does a ticket cost?

Bry: not sure, have to check

Me: might be expensive

Me: you can't even afford the circle song cd

Me: =P

Bry: i was saving up for your plane ticket.....lol

Me: ha

Me: for 3 years?

Bry: well yeah

Bry: like you said, they're expensive

I AM NOT GOING TO TEXAS to meet Bry now or ever. What the fuck? All this time, just friends. I swear I never insinuated anything and heís talking like this? Men!!! I donít get it. I didnít lead him on either. Never pretended interest, hell I wonít even give him a phone number to reach me at anymore. I donít get it. I suppose its true that if you donít chase them they WILL chase you. Notice I started with excuses from the word go... I just don't want to meet him in person. It's not something I want to pursue at all.

The only reason I started to talk to him again after a big falling out was because I had a dream reminding me of the fact that when my Dad passed away Bry was the one and only person to send condolences. One person. Yeah you heard me right. One person I've never met.

I swear if the people "in" my life were better towards me I wouldn't have so many friends scattered all over the world.

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