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Sunday, Apr. 14, 2002

Why is it that the love I get in life is always the love I can’t touch
Can’t taste
Can’t hold
Can’t hug

Just love that leaves me longing and wondering why it touched my soul……

From: BrandoN
To: kristy_*&^@*&^@hotmail.com
Subject: are u avoiding me?
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 11:05:54 +0100

never thought I'd be telling you this but you are now officially uncontactable - I can't phone you either at your new home nor at your old home coz ya disconnected nor are you picking up your emails. If you're having probs at the mo it would be really good to talk hun, give me a call or something k? Or at least email me to let me know youre okay too.

Love from
BraN (worried) 8(
tel: +44
mob: +44

The thing is….it is so hard to justify to people why I came back to this life when I can no longer honestly justify it to myself except to say

It was all that I had……the only thing left to lose. Everything else was never mine anyways. And that just doesn’t seem to want to come out of my mouth. I tend to think its best that BraN moves on with his life without knowing me….
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