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Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2004
Ok…so my ex-husbands wife called my employer and left this bogus message on her my supervisors voice mail about how I was trying to “steal” her husband’s child away. Isn’t this the same whacko women who is mad at me because I won’t take two weeks off to keep same said child? She’s starting to scare me because she’s so unstable her tables missing an entire damn leg. They have saved and documented her harassment’s towards me and state they will pursue her independently for said harassment. Interesting….I don’t work for no small joint either….

Onto other things. I am doing better and the dr says so and other’s say so and then WHAM out of nowhere I have these nightmares and dreams about things I think I’m ok with during the daylight. I keep hearing babies crying in my sleep and I get up and am half awake and find myself in other rooms waking up entirely. I said I wouldn’t take those sleeping pills, but yipes stripes if this is not freaking me out.

And I miss him. I miss him by leaps and bounds. I never thought I would have to miss him. I want to marry him and have babies and laugh together. I want to make dinner and watch movies and have picnics on Saturdays and go to Busch Gardens and ride roller coasters and and and…..I wake up with the same question slipping form my mind….”will we ever be together again?”


I have this skirt in my closet I never wore and now it’s too sizes too big. I’m so full of too many regrets.
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