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Friday, Jul. 02, 2004
There is this girl. This girl is where I work. One week and I’m crazy. It is this girl who is to blame. The first day she told me she lied to my bosses to get her job. The second day she told me she was married to a prominent lawyer in St. Pete. The third day she asked me for a ride home. She lives right down the street in a very non-prominent neighborhood. On the fourth day I realized she’s worn the same shoes all week because they leave scuffmarks on the new carpeting. Same girl brings her lunch every day. A piece of fruit, a piece of old fruit with no juice.

She told me her soon to be ex is a crack addict and lost his practice. She told me she left him and took their 5 yr old daughter away. Knowing she lied to get here…I ask myself…

If I had ever been married to an attorney…ever…even a crack attorney (lol) I would own more than one pair of shoes. Wouldn’t I?

I have never been married to an attorney. I sure wasn’t married to anyone prominent unless being prominently stupid counts, and I own lots of shoes.

She said her car is in the shop for repairs. She probably never even had a car. I asked what was wrong with her car. She said it needed a new engine. That is not owning a car…. to me anyway.

Half a day..long weekend….booyahhh.

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