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Friday, Mar. 22, 2002
PoeticaL: hey

“him”: hi

PoeticaL: i wanna tell you something

PoeticaL: I have no bad feelings

PoeticaL: I think you did the right thing

“him”: Yes

“him”: for my own peace of mind

PoeticaL: I met someone

“him”: right on

PoeticaL: 3 weeks ago

“him”: he is kewl

PoeticaL: online

PoeticaL: I met him online

PoeticaL: but he lives 5 minutes from me

“him”: very kewl

PoeticaL: we were chattin ...

PoeticaL: tonight.....I went and met up with him

PoeticaL: first time

PoeticaL: in person that is

“him”: how did it go

PoeticaL: he's way kewl

“him”: super

PoeticaL: look.....

PoeticaL: what he's sayin to me on here

PoeticaL: daveone31: i really enjoyed meeting you in person. it was fun

PoeticaL: right now

PoeticaL: I just got home and he's talking to me

PoeticaL: think he liked me?

“him”: yes

PoeticaL: good cause I liked him too

“him”: what chat program did you meet him

PoeticaL: not on a chat program

“him”: how did you meet him online

PoeticaL: http://www.hotornot.com/r/$(@(*&#@

“him”: hehe off the site kewl

“him”: is that him

PoeticaL: yeah

PoeticaL: *shrugs*

PoeticaL: but he's kewl

“him”: he doesnt look lke a bad dude

PoeticaL: he's educated...has a good job.....has goals....back in school to get his Masters.....oddly enough he goes to school on Tuesday and Thursday nights

“him”: hehe i remember those days

“him”: whats he do for work

PoeticaL: and he volunteers at the childrens hospital

PoeticaL: he's in the medical field

PoeticaL: something to do with checking pacemakers to make sure they work right after they are in the patients

“him”: good

PoeticaL: and.....he writes

“him”: poetry

“him”: books

PoeticaL: and at the bookstore tonight....he bought me a book

PoeticaL: fiction

PoeticaL: he writes fiction

“him”: hes never been married

PoeticaL: nope

PoeticaL: and I told him everything upfront

PoeticaL: he saw my cut up hands tonight

“him”: good

“him”: your honest with him good

PoeticaL: I've learned my lesson

“him”: well worth learning

PoeticaL: yes

“him”: this is good

PoeticaL: he was tired tonight...I could tell...cause he was right in front of me

PoeticaL: I said, "there's other nights...why don't you go home and get some sleep?"

“him”: i knew youd come across someone down there

PoeticaL: he said "oh how cool...you understand"

“him”: whats he live in

PoeticaL: a house

“him”: very good

“him”: is he renting it or buying it

PoeticaL: he saw a picture of Bucky on my keychain and he said "kewl kid...I'll have to take him out on my motorcycle"

PoeticaL: he owns it

“him”: he sounds like an ok guy

PoeticaL: but I don't care about that... I just liked his profile and he picked me first

PoeticaL: and then you have the opportunity to say yes or no

“him”: this is great

PoeticaL: yeah its pretty kewl

“him”: im happy for you you deserve it

PoeticaL: he asked me out to the movies tonight so he musta liked what he saw

“him”: you bet

“him”: this is so ironic

PoeticaL: first thing he said to me was "I put skydiving cause I thought it sounded kewl but I've never gone...but I want to...so I sorta lied"

“him”: hehe what a stupid thing to lie about

PoeticaL: i know...but he confessed and I told him he had to go with me and he had to jump out of the plane first

“him”: after being 3000 feet above the ground youd change your mind

PoeticaL: nah

PoeticaL: I wanted to just tell you something...

PoeticaL: I realize all the things I did wrong...the mistakes I made...I have learned ..and while this doesn't change what I did to you...I am a better person

“him”: good

PoeticaL: why is it ironic?

“him”: enable your voice

“him” has enabled voice conference. (3/21/02 at 11:15 PM)

He went on to tell me he met someone local about 4 months ago. And odd if this doesn’t explain it all….and now I have peace and I have closure.

“him”: im back

“him”: had to get water

PoeticaL: s'ok

PoeticaL: you need to go to bed

PoeticaL: too

“him”: i will in a little bit

PoeticaL: and he won't stop pm'ing me as long as I am online

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: he needs to go to bed

PoeticaL: too

PoeticaL: I'm not getting in trouble for keeping anyone up anymore

PoeticaL: no more speeches in my lifetime

“him”: good

PoeticaL: my hands are all fucked up

PoeticaL: from breaking that door

PoeticaL: bruised and shit.....pretty bad

PoeticaL: and he picked em up and kissed my boo boo's

“him”: hehe

PoeticaL: I asked him the other day if he was really kewl with everything and he said "it took a lot of guts for you to get up and leave like you did"

PoeticaL: "I admire you Kristy"

PoeticaL: WOW

PoeticaL: soemone admries my dumb ass? lol

“him”: your not dumb

PoeticaL: I know that.....you know what I meant

PoeticaL: and he asked me tonight..."do you always wear big clothes like that?"

“him”: ya do ya

PoeticaL: I think I'm a pretty fucking kewl chick

PoeticaL: and I'm proud of myself

PoeticaL: dosn't matter what anyone else thinks

PoeticaL: hey....I still have my notebook....its' getting full...

“him”: well schools out

PoeticaL: no not that notebook

PoeticaL: the one I write in every night...the stuff I've done

“him”: things you done

PoeticaL: yeah

PoeticaL: that one

“him”: k

“him”: good

PoeticaL: I guess I wanted you to know that i don't have bad feelings and I do understand

“him”: i knew you would someday

PoeticaL: hmm....yeah....someday

PoeticaL: my bet is you got serious about her sometime in Feb....am I right?

“him”: started to late feb

PoeticaL: yeah I know

PoeticaL: I already knew then

“him”: all i did was give her a chance

PoeticaL: wel that's good “him” that you did

PoeticaL: you need to give someone in your life a chance

“him”: well she has qualities in her that i am attracted too

PoeticaL: well I would hope so

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: I never used to pay attention to certain things before I met you

PoeticaL: and then I met David and I was asking him "what do you do? what do you plan to do? where do you see yourself in five years?"

“him”: i mean shes pretty ya but shes not into games shes a positive person takes care of herself

PoeticaL: all good qualitites

PoeticaL: all stuff on the requirements list

“him”: yes she doesnt wear a mask

PoeticaL: I hope she gives good head....lol

“him”: oh geeeez

PoeticaL: well...its on the list

PoeticaL: don't act like you never said it

“him”: yes

PoeticaL: ok then

“him”: <----Innocent

PoeticaL: you could always teach her I guess

“him”: <----Angel

PoeticaL: thats a teachable thing

PoeticaL: yeah right

PoeticaL: you're not fucking angel

PoeticaL: I won't lie

“him”: i never fucked an angel

“him”: nope i did not

PoeticaL: I was watching David tonight talk to me

PoeticaL: wondering if he could kiss well

PoeticaL: its important

PoeticaL: these things matter too

“him”: youll find out tomorrow

PoeticaL: nah

PoeticaL: I will not

PoeticaL: no way am I kissing someone on a first real date

“him”: you might

PoeticaL: no way

PoeticaL: no way

PoeticaL: nope

PoeticaL: no

PoeticaL: no

PoeticaL: phase one

“him”: bring out the bottle of wine

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: nope

“him”: youll slip in to level 2 in no time

PoeticaL: stop that

PoeticaL: I'm a good girl

PoeticaL: but I do miss my ceiling fan living here

“him”: hell if you drink the whole damn bottle you make make it level 4

PoeticaL: NEVER

PoeticaL: EVER

PoeticaL: bad thing to do

PoeticaL: gotta be friends first or you fuck it all up

“him”: yes

PoeticaL: see I learned

PoeticaL: no bottle of wine

PoeticaL: no skipping phases

PoeticaL: no no no

PoeticaL: <----good girl

“him”: how did you get so smart

PoeticaL: *shrugs*

PoeticaL: I dunno

“him”: i dunno is not an intelligent answer hehe

“him”: its like HUH

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: I think you deserve to be happy

PoeticaL: I always thought it

PoeticaL: I hope you're on the right path to being so

“him”: i feel i am

PoeticaL: that's what matters

PoeticaL: I'm not interested in rushing into anything

PoeticaL: and he said he wasn't interested in being a "rebound"

PoeticaL: and know what?

PoeticaL: I think I cut my teeth on you

“him”: hes right

PoeticaL: I think I made all my mistakes with you

“him”: yes i was a guinea pig

PoeticaL: oink oink

PoeticaL: well.....I am sorry.....but I'm not sorry I learned

PoeticaL: and....I have one size to go....to get to my goal

PoeticaL: that's pretty kewl

“him”: thats it

PoeticaL: yes

PoeticaL: thats it

“him”: what do you weigh now

PoeticaL: I've been losing like madly since I moved out cause I'm too lazy to eat

PoeticaL: I weight right now 185

“him”: too lazy to eat thats a good one

PoeticaL: I am

PoeticaL: Im too lazy to cook for one person

“him”: now that is lazy

PoeticaL: so I live on cheese and water and stuff

PoeticaL: and no more McDonalds for Bucky

PoeticaL: those days are over

“him”: fat kid

PoeticaL: David talks about health cause he sees people with pacemakers all the time

“him”: hehe you went from catheters to pacemakers hehe

PoeticaL: I know how fucking weird

“him”: lmao

PoeticaL: I should just face it and go be a nurse

“him”: lol

“him”: well im going to bed

“him”: Nite

PoeticaL: night

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