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Tuesday, May. 14, 2002
Tonight I got an email from a good friend of mine. Someone who’s smarter than she ever gives herself credit for. She said…

these conversations - i dont know about phone talks – but these IMs i see on your site, they are so sad and he is so brutal to you and its just cruel. you are going to miss him with or without him.

He and I had a conversation and I am neither missing him or the him that I thought I knew, that was a mere figment of Internet imagination and I have opened my eyes.
the chat is online…elsewhere…

He thought my thank you "him" page on my website (which I will delete as soon as I get around to that) was originally written for BraN. I told him that if it was for BraN it would have been much nicer and in all reality that is very true.

BraN doesn’t upset me for the mere fun of it.

I’m going to bed…all I get is a headache from him . I hope that it is now truly over so I can mend and move on once and for all. It’s been a long affair.

By the way, I got a postcard from BraN in the mail. It has a red telephone box on it. Funny …he does somehow have great timing and he mailed it on May 1. I just got it!

what “he” said regarding the thank you "him" page on my website….

“him”: you know when you told me the guy from england knew when to call you

“him”: yeah all that shit could fit him to a T

Me: well it wasn't for him or about him

Me: if I wrote something for him it would be so much nicer!

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