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Sunday, Oct. 03, 2004

So it’s Sunday night and my only day off was today.  I got tons of stuff done and had the little one over today as well.  I felt badly because I was so tired I kept nodding off while we watched a sitcom together.  He’s so damn patient with me though. He’s just so happy to spend any hours with me.  It’s all over his face when he comes in the front door.  It’s pure love on that little boy face every time.


I sat him down in person and again talked to him about R and I getting married.  He said he has a suit from Daddy’s wedding.  I said, “no buster you’re wearing a tux with tails and the whole ordeal…trust me the WHOLE enchilada for you!”  He said, “oh realllllyyyy???”  I said, “Yes REALLY!”


So today I cleaned the entire apartment and did ALL of my laundry from the previous week, I finished reading The Dive from Clausen’s Pier yesterday at work and so last night I grabbed two new books.  “Shipwreck by Louis Begley” and “And now you can go by Vendela Vida”.   I have read the entire book of “And now you can go” between a few hours last night and a few hours this morning and I can’t believe I read it so fast because for the most part outside of the tone of the book the entire storyline sucks.  There’s a lot of crazy interesting side plots and thought processes but the plotline sucks ass.  The entire book is about how some guy accosts the main female character in a public park with a gun, she reads him poetry and fakes him out enough that she escapes wittingly.  However the rest of the book is her reactions to this event and yet that event is not written very well at all. 


I just went over and hung out with R for awhile.  I swear there is no place better than in his arms.  No place…it’s the only thing that makes all the craziness of the rest of my life bearable and easily doable.  His love…




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