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Saturday, Feb. 23, 2002
PoeticaL: are ya there?

Him: nope

PoeticaL: ok

Him: jk

PoeticaL: snot!

PoeticaL: I found a kewl place

PoeticaL: very kewl

PoeticaL: I'm Pysched!

Him: sweet

PoeticaL: it's sooooooo nice

Him: how many bedrooms'

PoeticaL: one

PoeticaL: Bucky's staying with Husband

Him: i figured that

PoeticaL: and I think it's for the best

PoeticaL: he's working at that truss job and they're paying him for his night hours and he's right now pulling about $(*,@#( a year

PoeticaL: annnnnnnnnd it's a BIG one bedroom

PoeticaL: its not small or dinky

Him: studio

PoeticaL: 576 square feet

PoeticaL: dining area and living room and kitchen and bedroom

PoeticaL: all new carpeting

PoeticaL: two big giant windows in the front

PoeticaL: laundry on site

PoeticaL: two swimming pools for Bucky to go swimming for free

Him: sounds good

Him: i have 2 here never went once

PoeticaL: free entertainment might come in handy

PoeticaL: I can do laps again

PoeticaL: I used to go do laps in the pool up in Clearwater

PoeticaL: good for the upper body

Him: yep

PoeticaL: annddddddd there's room for my new stairstepper

PoeticaL: and a giant closet for my clothes

PoeticaL: and a clean complex...all nice cars

PoeticaL: quiet

PoeticaL: I'll be in the back building

PoeticaL: only people driving back there live there

Him: so youll have parking

PoeticaL: yup

PoeticaL: I looked at about 15 places today

PoeticaL: this was the one I walked in and said I want this!

PoeticaL: I live on one side of tyrone blvd right now

PoeticaL: this is on the other side

PoeticaL: flip-flop

PoeticaL: same basic area

Him: did you get the apartment

PoeticaL: I filled out their application shit

PoeticaL: and gave them their $45 fee for that

PoeticaL: and

PoeticaL: get this

PoeticaL: $98 deposit

PoeticaL: that's it

Him: $45 fee

PoeticaL: yes

PoeticaL: to run your credit and crapola

Him: where the fuck do they figure that

PoeticaL: who care's I want to live there

PoeticaL: and I didn't pay for it

PoeticaL: asshole did

Him: what a rip job

PoeticaL: I know

PoeticaL: he wants me to live somewhere pretty nice cause Bucky's gonna be there a lot I'm sure

Him: if he can hold on to his job hell be fine

PoeticaL: yeah he will

Him: i need to check on my dinner

PoeticaL: ok

Him: bbl

PoeticaL: k

Still gotta wait and see if they accept my application to live there...but....cross your fingers for me guys!

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