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Tuesday, May. 14, 2002

I went to this cool used bookstore here where I live.If you live here you know which one Iím talking about.Itís big in an old building and I want to buy some more books there this weekend when Iím fat in cash.

Iím yawning.I was up late last night on the phone and Iím paying for it now this afternoon. I always know it will be like this, but I still do it.Stay up too late that is.

Friday is my birthday and I already know Iím not getting anything and Iím trying not to think about the writing class last year.Although I remember fondly a poetry book someone made for me with his own Mad poetryÖthat was a way kewl present!!I should have stopped having birthdayís a long time ago.When youíre 15 waiting to drive or when youíre 20 waiting to drink, birthdays matter.When youíre @(@ youíre really just waiting to die.

I used to do this color crap when I was 12, I really need to grow upÖwait..if I do that Iím closer to deathÖforget that!


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