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Saturday, Mar. 09, 2002

Him: hey whats going on

PoeticaL: nothin

Him: have you been yaking with deb (<-he’s referring to blueyedblonde)

PoeticaL: hmmmm

Him: you have huh

Him: you told her she can have me

PoeticaL: I never told her that

Him: i didnt realize i was anybodys property

Him: either your lying or shes making it up

PoeticaL: I spoke to her but it was never about you

Him: did you get into it with her

PoeticaL: and she came talking to me the minute I logged on under Kristy99 to check for messages

Him: you log on to pal to check for messages hehe funny

PoeticaL: yeah about once every 3 months

Him: So what exactly was said

Him: 3 month message wont be any good

Him: too old

Him: what did you say to her

PoeticaL: *shrugs* I didn't say it made sense to check messages after 3 months

PoeticaL: she's a cunt

PoeticaL: period

PoeticaL: I didn't say that to her

Him: i dont know what her problem

Him: is

PoeticaL: just my overall opinion

Him: maybe shes making mountains out of air

PoeticaL: you told her I moved out?

Him: yep

Him: not like thats a big secret

PoeticaL: yeah cause she knew

Him: the whole internet world knows you wanted that for a long time now

Him: not front page news

Him: shes asked and i told her

PoeticaL: well she took that information and ran with it

Him: what can you do with that

Him: everybody knows you wanted to move out

Him: and now your out

Him: so what

PoeticaL: she ripped on me all about Bucky and how I was an absolute horror of a mother for not having him with me

Him: well thats shit because i told her your remaining in FL so you can be with your son

PoeticaL: well it might be shit but she took great pleasure in trying to make me feel horrible

Him: and shes staying in IN

Him: you 2 have no reason to be mad at each other NONE

Him: its totally pointless

PoeticaL: hey I didn't say I was mad at her

PoeticaL: I said she's a cunt

Him: ok

Him: your entitled to your opinion

PoeticaL: I could care less what some dumb chick I don't know says about my life when she doesn't have any kids and hasn't a fucking clue what she's talking about or saying

Him: she had her problems too

PoeticaL: yeah well they sure didn't teach her to be compassionate or non-judgemental

Him: nope guess not

Him: but theres no reason for you too even care about what the other one does

PoeticaL: tell her that

Him: ok i will

PoeticaL: perhaps you shouldn't tell her about my personal life....that might solve the problem right there

Him: hey do you know this person sabrina_4u

Him: i told her you moved out and your staying in FL

Him: that was it

Him: perhaps you should put her on ignore

PoeticaL: I don't know sabrina_4u

Him: sabrina_4u

Him: who the hell is she

PoeticaL: I don't know

Him: 03/09/02 3:55 AM EST) Pal Notifier: sabrina_4u attempted to open your group: Country's KarAoke Room with admin code: 1341

PoeticaL: I don't know

Him: i just added her

Him: but shes not on

Him: why would someone want to get into my room

Him: its always empty

Him: no computers no furniture no phones

Him: no pictures on the walls

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: I don't know that either

Him: maybe it was a mistake

PoeticaL: probably

PoeticaL: maybe you're paranoid ...lol

Him: how can that be when pal notifier told me

PoeticaL: I know they told you but what i mean is it was probably a mistake

PoeticaL: she probably thought she was in a different room

PoeticaL: why did you even talk to her about me?

PoeticaL: I don't tell anyone about your life or what your doing

Him: she asked

PoeticaL: oh so if someone asks me then I should just blabber away?

Him: what can you blab

Him: whats the big deal

Him: you and her went on your own to talk to each other long before so shuddup

PoeticaL: that's not the point

PoeticaL: you gave her some nasty ammo

(I sent him the chat…)

Him: come on did she really say fuck you

Him: i doubt that

PoeticaL: yes

PoeticaL: well that's because you choose to believe what you choose to believe about her

PoeticaL: she doesn't show you what she's really like

Him: shes just an internet friend too me

PoeticaL: she's nothing to me

PoeticaL: I was just a little pissed off because when she left her situation the first place she ran was to family

PoeticaL: I am by myself

Him: look at from her side

PoeticaL: I am doing everything I am doing to better myself right now by my fucking self

Him: some ppl out there would die to have a kid

PoeticaL: well that's fine

PoeticaL: maybe she would die to have a kid

Him: dont look it everything from your side

PoeticaL: but at the same time, I am not a bad mother and I don't appreciate someone that doesn't even know me trying to paint that picture

PoeticaL: Bucky has been here with me since 7 p.m. last night

Him: look you know whats going on so what does it matter

PoeticaL: the only thing that I wonder about is ....if I tell you something where all does that information end up?

PoeticaL: I tell you things because I confide in you, because I th ought what we talked about was between us

PoeticaL: seems to me like you tell her lots of stuff

PoeticaL: she even brought up the Dr Atkins thing

Him: shes been on that herself

Him: over 20 million ppl

Him: no biggy

PoeticaL: listen....what I'm doing right now is not easy....I really don't need shit like this

PoeticaL: I never tell her things that you've told me

Him: i know i know i know

Him: like i said you 2 had your own private talk arranged by yourselves

PoeticaL: yeah and after all the shit that came from it I deleted her name and was done with that whole mess....she's never done

PoeticaL: Hey?

Him: ya

PoeticaL: do you agree with her point of view?

PoeticaL: is that what you think?

Him: she doesnt know your life

Him: she only knows whats lacking in hers

Him: just over look it

PoeticaL: quit talking to her about me

PoeticaL: its simple none of her business

PoeticaL: I don't fucking care about her

PoeticaL: I don't ask you about her

PoeticaL: I dont' care if you talk to her or what she's doing or anything about her life

Him: ok

PoeticaL: Bucky is happy

PoeticaL: Bucky is fine

PoeticaL: right where he is

PoeticaL: and Bucky is MY child, MY concern...not hers

PoeticaL: incidentally where did she run when her marriage fell apart? Right to her family. She might still be living with that guy if she didn't have family to help her.

Him: i dont know

PoeticaL: I want you to understand something. You helped me. But in the end I left. I packed up my stuff and I left. And NO ONE is helping me to do shit. NO ONE!!!!!!!! Not you...not asshole...not bosses....NO ONE.

PoeticaL: I left my son there because I knew he would be ok. I have a key to that house and I can go there any fucking time I want to see him. He's fine. He doesnt' want to live in an apartment. He wants to live in his house with his dogs and his friends.

Him: your not my responsibility

PoeticaL: I never said I was.

PoeticaL: I never asked to be.

Him: y our chewing me out like your supposed to be

PoeticaL: no I'm chewing your out because you don't have enough repsect for me to keep what I tell you to your fucking self

Him: ok fine

Him: but you went on your own to talk to her

PoeticaL: not this time

Him: after you agreed not too

Him: i think you and me are just going to grow bitter to each other

PoeticaL: I trusted you. When I told you things. I thought I cou ld. That's all this is about.

PoeticaL: I'm hurt. I'm not angry.

There was such a long pause of silence here that I said fuck it and logged off. No apology..nothing. He's a dickhead of the major kind.

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