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Friday, Nov. 22, 2002
ďLook, if you had one shot, one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wantedÖOne moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip? - EminemĒ

Iím not a big huge fan of Eminem but I canít help but turn up some of his songs. Thereís just something about this guy that reminds me of that feeling I used to get when I was younger when I heard that wrigleys doublemint gum commercial. Something about that tree with packs of gum growing off of it just really made me grin from ear to ear. All those twinsÖ. Something so cheesy but happy go lucky about it. Not to say Eminem is happy go lucky, but somehow I hear some of his songs and I canít help but feel like I have to move some part of my body along with the tune.

Now these lyrics keep coming straight at me. Would you capture it or just let it slip? Now Iím never going to get my groove on and stand on a stage and rap. But I do have things I want. Donít we all? And really when you get right down to it all, if you walked past a gum tree would you pick some gum or would you stand there saying ďhell that canít be real, there has to be a catch?Ē What if you had to get a ladder and reach for the gum? Would you pick it then?

I have a gum tree growing in my backyard and Iím very aware of it, and if I have to put on a skirt, canít have sleepovers, have to do EVERYTHING right, so be it. I want the gum on the end of the limb. And if ďheĒ is my one shot, then so be it. I donít care if the rule book is as long and complicated as a bibleÖ.I donít care if my brain oozes out of my left ear thinking too hard. I have a clear vision of what I want and who cares how I have to get there.

And no this isnít about me wanting to be with ďhimĒ. Thatís the furthest thing from my mind. Iím just not that damn perfect. He needs perfect girl. Iím not that. Iíll never be that. Iím not a size 5 with nice smooth hair that never moves. Iím not not not!!! Nothing wrong with him wanting that, itís just not part of the package with me. I have messy hair and curves and thatís just that.

And another thing, someday Iíll stand on my own two feet, and when I do I wonít forget the ladder I pushed across the backyard. Iíll stand there chomping on tons of gum with a big grin. My life on my terms.

I donít understand it all, that doesnít matter, Iím not supposed to. You canít know what the other side is like until you swim the channel and arrive there. You can speculate all you want about what ifs and maybe this and maybe that. Fact is reality is never the way you imagined. I imagine nothing but a chance.

One shot.

One opportunity.

One moment.

I want to capture it.

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