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Love won’t let me let you go (poem)

Thursday, Oct. 10, 2002
Is love about love or is it about convenience? Do we fall for who is conveniently meshed into our lifestyle? Or do we just fall I love because of a chemical? And if you meet someone through other means and it can’t be pinpointed to pheromones, then why do we fall?

It seems as though I’ve learned so much about how quickly I make mistakes but some quick mistakes are mistakes that take forever to overcome.

Sometimes I just want my heart back so that I know it’s in my chest again. So that I can breath. So that I might be successful at finding love that loves me in return. Every other day I would go back to that first day and erase it, so that it just never happened and I was just never the wiser. Every other day I wouldn’t change a thing because I have changed, my mind is far more colorful, brighter, clear. I’m just sad on this island that having that knowledge can cause me. I found my best friend and it’s the most amazing thing, but it’s the hardest thing for me to know how to accept without hyperventilating when I feel too close.

It would be far more convenient to just forget. But we all know that love won’t let you…

Love won’t let me let you go
The some times thoughts
Will some times still know
And even though I walk away
I can’t stop myself from
Knowing that my caring too hard
Will always find a way to
Turn back just in time to say
Love won’t let me let you go


OMG my coworkers put saran wrap on the potty!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw it. So… I took it off…went potty and PUT IT BACK. I walk out of the potty room and I have 10 laughing eyes on me…..laughing turned to DISSAPOINTMENT! I gotta think …think….think….of something. Ahhhhhhh just thought of it… margarine tub full of water balanced on the doorjamb and the top of the door. The next pisser’s getting pissing wet! Hooooorahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! This is a working war!

11:03 a.m.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Keith is allllll wet NOW. I mean ALL wet. And when it happened there was a “visitor” waiting for a boss to show up for a meeting. She now wants to work here. Imagine that. A new ass to swamp?? HAAAAA Imagine a 2lb bucket of water….32 oz’s over the head…haaaa Imagine having to clean 32 oz’s of water minus what’s all over your body…off of the floor! Double haaaaaa…
10:09 a.m. ::
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