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Wednesday, Jul. 03, 2002
“Him”: hey
Me: straw
“Him”: grass
Me: weeds
“Him”: trees
Me: bushes
“Him”: ferns
Me: pussywillows
“Him”: flowers
(I was struggling for another one for quite some time…)
“Him”: Times up YOU LOSE
“Him”: CALL ME
Me: say please
Me: shrubs
Me: I had one
Me: hedges
Me: pot
Me: broomstick handles
“Him”: broomstick handles dont grow in soil
Me: c'mere I'll show you where they grow
“Him”: X
Me: you didn't say please
“Him”: i tried
“Him”: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas
Me: you have to finish or it wasn't worth starting
“Him”: thats is close is ill get
Me: then I'll push in all the numbers but the last one
Me: see if it works
“Him”: lol
“Him”: just hit redial
Me: you think you were the last person I called? phfft
“Him”: you cant tell me you dont have a phone directory programmed in your phone
Me: of course......now lemme find painintheass and I'll be set
Me: wait that's not you.... your under scram
“Him”: Oh that was mean
“Him”: Oh if im under scram thats kewl
Me: actually you are
Me: I'm serious
“Him”: what kind of mnemonics do you use
Me: it says S.C.R.A.M.
Me: the ones only I understand
“Him”: youre the only one who could understand it
*phone ringing*

“Him”: am i supposed to answer it
Me: answer your phone

Some phone conversations should be recorded and sold in the mass market if for no other reason than so people really know what friendship is. Its “being able to talk like that” despite all the shit you’ve been through together. When "he" is happy go lucky it's the best fun in the world.

I keep all of my phone numbers in my cellphone categorized like this. I like to be mysterious. Anyone wanna take a guess as to how I have madprophet stored?
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