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Monday, Jul. 22, 2002
Ok, I’m not leaving that link here long.(t was there...now he's not)..just a few hours..so enjoy while you can. And of course please be respectful. He’s a great guy. A guy who writes me emails like this… By the way I am now convinced that boys that can’t spell just totally ROCK. Notice his spelling error on his profile. And in his email. I know it sounds nutso but boys that can’t spell are the sweetest ever.


I would like to offer my most humblest of appologies to you, for the service interuption to Kandahar. The DHCP server rebooted (go figure). But I have fired the individual responsible and they are now pulling gate gaurd (just kidding).

I wish that we could have continued to chat, but alas the powers that be had others plans. I hope to catch you soon.


P.S. Did you find your pen?

A boy that apologizes for things out of his control? Although he is the IT guy..but still…. And he asks me about my pen. Awwww…. That’s just…awwww…

I wrote back...


You do not need to apologize for that. It was late, I needed to go to bed. I found my pen! It was laying on my keyboard here at work. Ahhhhh I’m glad you didn’t get stuck with guard duty. =P

It’s sunny and pretty today, just like my mood. 2 hours of sleep and wide awake. Strange. Have a great one! Oh and remember, don’t put your post it notes inside the shower, they’ll get wet.

Speak soon,
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