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Saturday, Oct. 12, 2002
Ok so I didn’t go to the movies last night. Instead I went to Walmart to stock up on shampoo and all that “drop a Washington on” stuff. While I was there, Gabby (the little girl in the neighborhood that has some problems) decided to come and take back her notebook by walking INTO my house and picking it up off of the living room marshmellow couch and exciting. I probably would have never noticed this except for the fact that her brazen little butt went home and called “Bucky” toinform him that she got the last laugh and was NOW in possession of “her” notebook.

Nevermind the fact that she sold it to him for $1 over 2 months ago.
Nevermind that breaking and entering is a crime.
Nevermind that I could call the police and send her to juvie hall.

Nevermind all of that because in the end I think her mom is doing the best she can with a horrid situation and so…I have informed Bucky that I will buy him any damned notebook he flipping wants and we shall wipe our hands of this notebook nightmare of a mess.

Gabby is being baker acted by her mother in an effort to obtain psychological help for her. Gabby showed no remorse, no fear, no feelings about what she did. Not even in light of the fact that someone told her “You realize that they could turn you in and the police would come and take you tonight”. She stood there silent and uncaring playing with her fingers as though she was annoyed only about being contained for questioning.

Gabby scares me. Gabby is a 9-year-old criminal. Gabby is a sniper in the making.

In Gabby’s defense. Gabby was molested as a child. Her mother had a drug problem and her father is MIA and signed paperwork to allow Gabby’s real (deceased) mother’s sister adopt Gabby.

What a sad sad affair. In the midst of last nights revelations about Gabby’s past I was informed that Gabby’s adopted mother’s other child Thomas was also molested.

Thomas babysat for Bucky on 2 occasions. I almost threw up on the spot. I have read enough statistics that state If a child is molested he/she has a propensity to do so to others in the future.

I sat down last night with Bucky’s father and he then had a long talk with our son about molestation. I never thought I’d ever have to have this conversation with my child.

Today I took Bucky to the bookstore with me. He came and asked me where section C was. I asked why. He said he was looking for a book. I went to the sleuth find a book computer to see what he was talking about. He was hunting for “Sex for Dummies.” He’s a bright kid…no? He wants to know about sex, so he hunts for a book. Quite the little whippersnapper.

I am now on the hunt for an age appropriate sex education book for a child who is nearly ten and wants to know. He says that Thomas never did anything except for “he played Nintendo with me and he called his girlfriend a lot.”

I never thought I would be dealing with such big and massive issues ….yet. Not already.

Last night I spoke to Gabby’s mother for what seemed like forever and I never made it to my movie. She looked me right in the face and said, “most people just run like crazy from Gabby, you tried to speak to her and share with her your feelings and tell her important things, I can tell from your actions that you have a huge insight about life.

Gabby’s adopted mother spoke to Gabby with respect and a wealth of restraint. I think I would flip out incoherently if my son robbed someone. But she understands that Gabby’s got some mental problems and needs help. While watching her speak to Gabby I was enthralled. I wiped a few tears. Thank god we were in the front yard speaking and in the dark.
And then Gabby went into the house and her mother told me I had insight and in a barely audible voice I said, “I wish Gabby knew how lucky she is, I wish when I was 9 someone loved me enough to talk to me like that, to keep trying to be there for me. I wish I had a mother like the one you are.”
We stood there like two dorks not knowing what to do with our arms and limbs. I swayed back and forth. Wiped a few tears. And she stood up, put her cigarette out. And she hugged me. In the middle of the front yard, in the night air, I cried. I don’t know why or where it came from but I cried.
I can’t with clear conscious allow my son to be subjected to anymore of Gabby’s influences. But I told her mother that if she ever needed to talk or just wanted to go out to a movie or just sit somewhere and have a few beers and get away to call me.
Thomas will not baby-sit for my son anymore. Gabby will not be his friend, Bucky has decided the latter.

Gabby’s going to a mental hospital for evaluation for 3 days.
BR> And now I am going to see “The Rules of Attraction” and I’m going to fill my mind with useless entertainment. -PoeticaL

(Gabby came into the house through the backdoor past the dogs that know who she is to get in..)
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