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Sunday, Aug. 25, 2002
Last night I did nothing but talk about my son…and he’s the only person that would sit through this and then tonight come and say “still having fun with “bucky”?

t: :-)

me: hey you

t: :-)

me: why the big smiles?

t: *shrugs

me: no reason?

t: just talking to you is all

me: awwww

me: good morning over there

t: thank you

me: you're welcome

me: didya get my email?

t: yep...


t: have had a chance to read it yet though

me: awwww

me: bummer

t: i know

t: :-)

t: i am bad...

me: no....you're not bad

t: I need a spanking

me: c'mere

t: :-)

me: i gots a question...

t: shoot

me: :-)

me: what's it like to talk to me on the phone .....like....real time ?

t: *shrugs*

t: :-)

me: hmm... ok

me: <---makes mental note

t: whys that?

me: i can use answers like that too

t: whys that?

me: nevermind...

me: its midnight here....

me: right?

t: yep

me: and.... just me and Bucky...

me: he's asleep in the sunroom on his sleeping bag

t: awww

me: he's so sweet when he's sleeping

me: usually I don't like to let him sleep on the floor cause you end up feeling all sore

t: true

me: but he's 9 and he's heavy and I can't lift him so i'm gonna let him go

me: but get this...

me: major bonding hours tonight

t: cool

me: there's few things better than hanging with Bucky

me: the only thing better is watching Bucky clean his room or sing in a school concert

t: :-)

me: so I picked him up from Tae Kwon Doe

t: cool

me: and get this

me: he was in "fight" mode

me: fighting this kid twice his size

t: cool

me: so.... anyways

me: this kid kicks him in the shin

me: twice

me: same place

me: and Bucky gets mad

me: and tells the instructor

t: right

me: "listen...this size 3 sucks"

me: meaning his body gear thing

me: I don't know what it's called

t: right

me: but its too big and he can't kick right cause it stops his legs from full extension

me: so the instructor tells him "its ok Bucky finish your fight"

me: so what's my kid do?

me: I'm standing there in the corner...right

t: what?

me: he rips off this thing and says "ok but I'm fighting fair"

me: and whams that kid with a big high kick

t: lol

me: then bows like normal and walks away

t: cool

me: the instructors all like "hey you can't do that"

t: why not

me: I walk out of the corner and say "get him a size two or don't make him fight"

me: the thing's so big he can hardly move

t: right

me: and then get this

me: my kid's just like me

t: what

me: we get in the car

me: and he starts to cry

me: shows me his leg

t: whys tht

me: it's all bruised and swollen

me: and I say "why didn't you cry in there?"

me: he says "cause that kids not gonna see what he did to me"

t: cool

me: so....

me: I got him the big ice bag from home....and we chilled with his leg covered in ice til it felt better

t: cool

me: then he says "but next time they'll make me put a size 3 on again mommy"

me: I'm all like "nope...mom's calling them...I pay enough money for them to buy you your own size 2 or else"

me: and all he did was sit there looking at me like this-----> :-)))

t: :-)

me: my kids the bomb

t: yep

me: the way he took that body gear thing off

me: and kicked that kid

me: teeheee

t: lol

me: but he did it with tae kwon doe

me: not unfair

t: right

me: i like to watch him spar

t: doesnt sound like it

t: yep

me: its amazing to see little kids like that fight real like that

t: yep

me: and the discipline is amazing

me: he's a better kid for the experience with that sport

t: it seems like it

me: he's introverted...an artist....tonight he was drawing up cartoon characters

me: he wants to draw a comic strip

t: aww

me: he wants his own comic strip!

t: cool

me: so he's creating characters

me: stories

me: know what?

t: whats that

me: you could sit down in a room all by yourself with my kid....in an hour you'd be best buds

t: :-)

me: he's outgoing...quiet but outgoing

me: he's got lots to say

t: :-)

me: tonight i took him to target to get some lined paper he wanted

t: right

me: he walks over to me carrying a candle...saying 'can I get this for my room or am I too little?"

t: lol

me: I don't think if he can ask that that he's too little.

t: right

me: tonight i took the t-tops off the nissan

t: cool

t: cool..

me: and he puts his hands up and says to me "drive fast so we can pretend we're on a roller coaster"

t: LOL

me: so I took him across the howard franklin bridge

me: across the bay

t: right

me: you can drive fast through there

me: its so pretty there t

me: across the bay

me: the water.....glints in the sun

t: right

me: its awesome

t: sounds like it

me: and loud cause the winds through there up on the bridge driving fast

me: so I had the radio on and this song comes on....a rock song

t: which one

me: my kid says "this is a daddy song...put on a mommy song....i'm with you mom"

t: LOL

me: some new song about.. "im a rockstar" or something

t: lol

me: dont' know who it is

t: me niether

me: but I put a dave matthews cd in and he was singing the space between really loud

t: LOL

me: thing is...he's 9 going on 25

t: nothing wrong with that

t: :-)

me: like the only thing he can't do is have a beer with me

t: LOL

me: and.... I don't lie to him

me: he asked me "do you miss daddy?"

me: cause he's gone...right

me: so I say "nope....I'm having fun with you"

t: awww

me: he says "i don't miss him but I probably will tomorrow"

t: :-)

me: know what?

t: what?

me: even when everything else sucks total a$$.... there's always that one thing that doesn't

t: right

me: blue eyes.....messy hair...big dimples...

me: huge smiles

t: right

me: his tae kwon doe uniform kept falling open in target

me: and i told him "i'll have to sew that so it stops doing that"

me: and he says

t: :-)

me: "its ok...i don't really have boobs"

t: LOL

me: i got him some new shorts and a shirt

me: ugly as sin

t: lol

me: they're like the stuff little black boys wanna wear

me: right

me: I"m all like "hey willis...you sure you want that?"

me: he says "who's willis?"

me: but if that's what he wants....and he's happy with that on....so be it

t: lol

t: hey...Kristy

me: yeah a 9 yr old will make you feel old fast

me: i know.... you gotta go

t: sorry

me: *shrugs*

t: so maybe I can catch you later?

t: :-)

me: mayyyybeeeeee

me: :-)

t: :-)

me: its ok I'm in a good mood

t: good

me: Bucky does that to me

t: :-)

me: i can't help it...i really love my kid

t: true

me: i feel very lucky to have him

me: go work T...

t: but I I need to get going babe...

me: yup

t: ok

t: I love you babe

t: :-)

t: buh bye for now

me: i love you right front...

t: :-)

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